Gearing up to Gear Down (like riding a bike)

Yellow Crystal Sun
Greetings Earth Family,

Springtime is a promise of new life growing, and we are in it! Wonderful things are afoot these days in the bioregion and the bioregions beyond.

It’s  time to activate and collaborate.

Please note, and feel invited to our AGM, coming up on April 28th. (Postponed due to the birth of our newest Cascadian) Contact us at for details. Thank you.

If you are in Vancouver, check Village Vancouver’s Event page for fun city-country-homestead style workshops and events. This is the best resource for a great down to earth activity within our local Permaculture Community.

For adults. get active, take a PDC and get certified so you too can be an earth healer, and or head to vcb#15 in Portland coming up soon. We have a lot of work to do ( cleaning up our mess and doing our best to creatively share and repair other earth issues – dams are a big part of the pc conversation and education, energy, etc and to me it seems that collaboration is the antidote.

For youth, (etc,) the Groundswell community, the Hive, Another Space and UNYA are great places to connect. And who knows what is going on at any neighbourhood  house on any given day.

We can only create a wonderful world by being an active breathing part of it. So here are some local permaculture events and portals, local and a little father, Portland, an ~8 hour train ride away. . .

Langara Permaculture

Gaia College

City Repair fb

Thanks for tuning in! Have a great One!