Climate Change, Swales, and a future for farming

Equinox upon us, the balance of the season, and we have just launched an Indiegogo campaign for our core funding. We need to put some money into our truck, to maintain ongoing paperwork, and continue leading events and workshops and pioneer more and more solid Right Livelihood, as the Buddha called it, Finding the Sweet Spot as Dave Pollard calls it in his book on the subject. We must find the mid point between three variables that include passion, skill and what people need.

Cascadia North Permaculture Co-op Core Funding:  Our Indiegogo campaign shortlink

Building soil is an ongoing process, and a wonderful one which yields fruit and nut, seeds and greens, and is served by farm animals’ manure, seaweed, biochar to name a few great things you could add. Could we have a small herd of nomadic goats on Vancouver Rooftops and lawns that replace loud and polluting mowers, when the grazers have always done this job, leaving gifts of natural fertilizer in their wake? In fact I think i heard there’s actually one now?! Joel Salatin has an amazing book called Folks This Ain’t Normal in which he describes his experiences farming with animals, grazing them in different areas of land and moving them around to get the goodness they want out of the soil and leave what they don’t need behind.

Another real boon of Permaculture farming is on swales, along contour, planting tree systems, using keyline dams, and succession. If we could farm Canada, we could mulch-in the hardy edibles, the fuel crops, and the tender food crops. Massive greenhouse domes could allow us to produce tropical fruit and warm our houses as done at the Rocky Mountain Institute in Boulder Colorado. Other tried and true ways which have persisted through the ages and the cultures, such as the Yeomans Plough, and endless variations of small earth systems, are there for the learning and the creating with.  It is happening around the world, this funny word Permaculture. I like it more and more. I think it means we like ourselves.

There are a few new cob ovens on the way, but sadly, ours was replaced by a lovely set of composters. There were challenges and tenants changing hands, and a cob oven takes a community to run it, and a couple of brave souls to light it and remain near for some hours possibly while holding a pizza funraiser. The location wasn’t where it was meant to be from the beginning so with any luck we will be able to build another one in Hastings North with the Hastings Sunrise Community Food Network, HSCFN.

The people are suffering right now. Some people don’t seem to realize that Earth is worth saving, and that all people are redeemable, in a good way, can regenerate, most especially if he or she is willing to go through healing and wellness, with the support of friends, family and community. We are collectively living through truth and reconciliation here on unceded Coast Salish Land and Waters, a process of regenerating culture, and people, to find some resolve and better ways of life. So we have new tools in our toolbelt, tools to use to talk about how we are feeling and what we are needing. The word hangry has just been released for someone who is mad because they are hungry.  We now have non-violent communication, or Compassionate Communication, thanks to Marshall Rosenburg, a language of observations, feelings needs and requests, so we can speak for ourselves, for inspiration, and come and work together for a greater good.


New Open Source Community Hubs

Pocket Market Corner Stores

Transform local corner stores and cafes into green markets


Start using Community Currency to keep currency in the current stream, local supporting organic farmers and artisans.

The incentive is transition – a word from the Permaculture tradition.

Urban agriculture – transitional / organically grown produce available at corner stores in Vancouver.

Store owners can choose to become part of a worldwide transition to local economy by offering sustainable products, from local crafts, food artisans and farmers.

Offering organic coffee for $2 as an invitation to join others especially in the morning to begin the day together, and to join all day through food and in support of one another. One dollar can be community currency. How to spend it? Accept it! Have an offering such as a craft or service that you can take 10-100% community currency. Then you are building the new economy.

The feeling of the country in the city. small town comes to the big city…

Happenings at the markets – music art dance, or meet to kickoff a parade such as on day of the dead or the solstice lantern processions.

Where is this happening? Approach your local corner store and encourage them to adopt an organic shelf of food and some organic produce. Try some of the ideas above. And look up your local transition town village bridge your local hub.

Cob Oven in the Hastings Sunrise

After a long process, with a visit to City Hall and the Engineering Department, we were finally able to get permission to install a mobile cob oven at the Nisga’a Garden on Franklin and Kamloops. This weekend we welcome volunteers through the Vancouver Tool Library’s City Commons project (inspired and educated by Portland’s city repair and City Commons projects).



Cyclic Nature

Cascadia is our Bioregion. Green, lush, dank. So much potential, and yet it is have being cut down and BC?Canada is ‘working’ to make a profit off the land and the sea without thinking much about the future, or the indigenous past. We, Cascadia North invite you to collaborate to redesign this land that is our life. How can we take the waste and turn it into resource? If we can, we have abundance. If we can’t we have a stinky mess. Let’s bet that we can. Nature has been doing it for millennia. Cascadia North is currently offering a few CSA shares. We also do garden installations for those of you who wish assistance in growing your own food. We offer complete installations, systems installations,  greywater diversion drains, rooftop gardens,  aquaculture, potato pallet palaces, domes, raised beds, chinampas…