the Earth is in Emergency

She needs our help, our focus and our love. There are so many solutions to this global warming trend, the main theme being Slowing Down. Mother Earth is amazing, but she has her limits…how can we help? seeks to maintain a lower amount of carbon in the atmosphere, which they call safe levels, and are asking us all to balance our carbon emissions accordingly. There are bigger issues, like shelves of methane under melting ice which are very dangerous for us and our atmosphere. Of course we all pretty much know all of this. What can we do?

While escapism really does not involve caring for the environment, as is basically avoidance, where presence and awareness are the antidote. How can we encourage ourselves to live in love and care for the Earth’s creatures and the environment? How can we sink or sequester carbon? Do we care enough to make some (more!) changes for ourselves, our loved ones and our planet?

Baby steps! Maybe for you it will be getting a green line of credit which supports you to buy a hybrid or electric car; becoming an urban farmer, or moving your job closer to your home or vice versa.

Some great solutions are: free energy, right livelihood, mulching and swaleing… workshopshaddow.jpgPermaculture is at the forefront of a global movement towards loving our planet and returning her to balance – basically taking great design ideas from around the world and sharing them! Thank you for all of the small and greater adjustments you make! We are all in this together!


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