New Open Source Community Hubs

Pocket Market Corner Stores

Transform local corner stores and cafes into green markets


Start using Community Currency to keep currency in the current stream, local supporting organic farmers and artisans.

The incentive is transition – a word from the Permaculture tradition.

Urban agriculture – transitional / organically grown produce available at corner stores in Vancouver.

Store owners can choose to become part of a worldwide transition to local economy by offering sustainable products, from local crafts, food artisans and farmers.

Offering organic coffee for $2 as an invitation to join others especially in the morning to begin the day together, and to join all day through food and in support of one another. One dollar can be community currency. How to spend it? Accept it! Have an offering such as a craft or service that you can take 10-100% community currency. Then you are building the new economy.

The feeling of the country in the city. small town comes to the big city…

Happenings at the markets – music art dance, or meet to kickoff a parade such as on day of the dead or the solstice lantern processions.

Where is this happening? Approach your local corner store and encourage them to adopt an organic shelf of food and some organic produce. Try some of the ideas above. And look up your local transition town village bridge your local hub.


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