3 Stomps in November

The sun was out on Sunday morning. For our first big event we needed to get the oven ready to bake for 75 people.   Joni Wright, who has run the Cob oven at Earthwise, and Joanne McKinnon, director of the Hastings Sunrise Community Food Network came to meet with us to discuss how we could make the oven more efficient and plan for the event. “Don’t think pizza dough, think flat bread” said Joni.

At the last firing, really our first firing, we had ash and bits of clay sticking to the bottom of the pizza, which wasn’t cooking all the way through so we flipped it over half way through. Joni suggested using a pan or metal tray which makes good sense. The oven was also looking much more cobbed on one side so we got right to work with members of Permaculture Vancouver stomping our fist batch of clay for the day. Freezing toes and hands led us to do the following stomps in boots!

The group split into teams, some cobbing and some people going around town to collect supplies. First we filled the base with rubble and cobbed one more side in. Then we made it back to the farm in Burnaby to harvest some beautiful clay. There was a lot of water on the land and the soil mixed in, giving the oven a beautiful brown hue.

The roof had some design work done on it today, and we collect some recycled lumber generously donated from Steve Punko. The design will need to be approved, and will be built in spring.

At the end of the day we went out front to see the garden… the wheat that had spilled on the floor at the last event is growing! The spelt is starting to fruit, and there are still some beans to save for seed, now bigger, mottled ones from Nancy Brignall of Fiddlehead.

Thank you to everyone for a great collaborative day!

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One thought on “3 Stomps in November

  1. Hello! I am the Program Director at Camp Narnia, a kids summer camp in Parksville on Vancouver Island. We have had, in the past, a bread oven on our property, and we are looking again at different options for building one that can be used for bread, and hopefully pizza too! Cob? Email me?? -Sam Clinock


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