Cyclic Nature

Cascadia is our Bioregion. Green, lush, dank. So much potential, and yet it is have being cut down and BC?Canada is ‘working’ to make a profit off the land and the sea without thinking much about the future, or the indigenous past. We, Cascadia North invite you to collaborate to redesign this land that is our life. How can we take the waste and turn it into resource? If we can, we have abundance. If we can’t we have a stinky mess. Let’s bet that we can. Nature has been doing it for millennia. Cascadia North is currently offering a few CSA shares. We also do garden installations for those of you who wish assistance in growing your own food. We offer complete installations, systems installations,  greywater diversion drains, rooftop gardens,  aquaculture, potato pallet palaces, domes, raised beds, chinampas…



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